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Welcome to Kate's World

I am a "we"- meaning I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). It is a result of horrific trauma beginning at a very young age that lasted for 60 of my nearly 65 years on this Earth. I/we remembered none of the abuse until the beginning of 1994 at age 42. The type of abuse includes physical, emotional and verbal abuse as well as incest, ritual abuse and mind control programming. In order to survive, my mind created more and more "identities" to take the pain and emotions and memories.

I continue working on recovery after the retirement of our previous Ts and I do the best I can to make it from day to day, struggling to remember what I did when and what I'm supposed to be doing now. Sometimes the world is seen and lived from my viewpoint, but it may instead be viewed and lived as if by a teen or a child. I don't usually know ahead of time the who or the when of the changes from one of us to another. It is a miraculous coping skill that allowed me to survive a horrendous life. I will keep going, keep trying, because I will not allow the abusers to be able to believe they have won by destroying me. I am a survivor, a thriver, and I will win this battle.

I am the Owner of the Multiple Paths To Healing - Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPTH-DID) site, which is a DID support community. It is a Yuku online forum. See below for a link to our MPTH-DID forum. I give my time to this endeavor in order to help not only myself, but also to offer whatever help I can to others with DID who are working toward healing. If you have DID or know someone who has DID, and you or they are ready for the difficult work of serious healing, I hope you will consider checking it out to see if being a part of the forum might assist you in your healing work as an addition to your therapy work with a professional. There is absolutely no cost to join. The contribute link you may see is only to keep the forum ad free for all members and I usually cover that cost although there have been some members who have generously contributed when they could. It goes through PayPal directly to Yuku. I only see that a contribution has been made. I see no personal information. Choosing to contribute or not does not effect your membership status in any way. 

 In addition to the DID discussion group, I have worked hard to develop an accompanying web site. It is currently under reconstruction due to unavoidable software changes. You can find it at www.didsupport.com or may click on the link listed below in our favorite places to go on the internet. My hope is for this site to provide accurate information about DID and related disorders. You will also find survivor stories and creative expressions of art and writing made by survivors on their healing journey. We want all who visit there to find it to be of help to many, whether you have DID, treat those with DID, know someone with DID, or are only curious to learn more.

Whether you visit our sites or not, I wish healing from trauma and related health issues to all survivors who have taken the time to view my profile. No one deserves to be purposely hurt as a child. And we don't deserve to have our lives derailed as an adult when we begin to be hit with the pain of memories, flashbacks and PTSD caused by the trauma. If you work with survivors in trying to assist them on their healing journey and have come out of curiosity or to understand more, I thank you. This is a real condition caused by real abuse. If we wanted to make something up about our life I know, at least for me, I would make up something much happier. It is difficult to live with DID. I wish I had never had to rely on my ability to develop it, yet I am thankful because it allowed me to survive - and I didn't even know I was doing it at the time.

all of you take care - Kate, host of the DID system of kellen&co

We all deserve angel wings. This I will believe!
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I am wounded yet creative.
I feel lonely.
I need serenity.
I deserve freedom from my past.
©2003 by kate17

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